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Senior Moments
Information And Entertainment For People Of A Certain Age


It is true that there is not as much to do in rural Saskatchewan as there is in the cities in Saskatchewan.
That is part of the beauty of the rural and small town lifestyle, life moves slower here.
We depend on our communities for recreation and entertainment and we share between communities.
There will not be an event in every town every weekend but there will a number of events in the area and everyone is welcome to attend.

Let us know about your event and we will list it here free.

Here are some upcoming local events -

  • Watson
    Your event here.
  • Quill Lake
    Your event here.
  • Wadena
    May 4, 5, 6 - "Agatha Crispie" by Wadena Players Theatre
  • Foam Lake
    April 23 to 28 - Quill Plains Music Festival
    April 26 & 27 - Foam Lake United Church Rummage Sale
    April 27 & 28 - Veselka Ukrainian Festival
    April 28 - Christ The King Spring Tea, Bake Sale & Raffle
    May 5 - School of Dance Performance
    June 7 - Salad Bar Luncheon
  • Wynyard
    April 28 - Magical Ladies Night Out
    April 29 - St Mary's Spring Tea and Bake Sale
    April 30 - Spring Musical Celebration
    May 5 - Walk So kids Can Talk
    May 6 - Golden Acres Auxiliary Spring Tea and Bake Sale
    May 6 & 7 - Wynyard School of Dance Recital
    May 10 - Wynyard Cadets ACR Supper
    June 2 to 3 - Wynyard Community Carnival
  • Elfros
    Your event here.
  • Mozart
    April 29 - First Day of Summer Dance