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These are lots of businesses in the Quill Lakes area.

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  • Agriculture 96

    There are lots of agricultural businesses in the Quill Lakes area, particularly in the bigger towns.

    One of interest is the Bankend Coop Ag Department, a leader in farm chemicals, fertilizer and fuel.

    Bankend Coop is one of our featured businesses.

  • Construction 63

    You can find all the construction businesses that you need here in the Quill Lakes towns.

    We have carpenters, plumbers, refrigeration contractors, roofing, evestrough, concrete and window contractors plus all the building supply and hardware stores that you need.

    We have people who do excavation, road building and snow clearing.

    One of our featured businesses is the Wynyard Home Building Centre, in Wynyard.

  • Automotive 57

    Most of us need a good mechanic to maintain our vehicle regularly and we have several businesses that offer automotive repairs in the Quill Lakes towns.

    There are repair shops for cars, vans, SUVs, light and heavy trucks.

    We have new car dealers and used car dealers.

    Wynyard Hi-Way Service and Wynyard Corner Service in Wynyard and Frontier Truck & Trailer in Wadena are our featured businesses.

  • Food 46

    The Quill Lakes towns have quite a variety of food service businesses.

    You can find grocery stores, confectionary stores, caterers and restaurants in all of the larger towns and some of the smaller towns too.

    One that you should visit is The Pepper Tree Family Restaurant in Wynyard, a nice restaurant and one of our featured businesses.

  • Housing 28

    Hotels, motels, bed & breakfast, guest houses, houses for sale, houses for rent, condos, apartments, care homes.

    We have them all in the Quill Lakes towns, and the cost of living is very reasonable here.

    Wynyard Realty is our featured business.

  • Industrial 18

    There are a surprising number of industrial businesses in the Quill Lakes area, ranging from agricultural equipment manufacturers to bio fuel, mining, poultry processing, machine shops and metal suppliers.

  • Medical 65

    We have very good medical care in the Quill Lakes area.

    We have doctors and hospitals, medical professionals of all kinds, pharmacies, ambulances, care homes and nursing homes.

    Our featured medical businesses are Wynyard Pharmacy in Wynyard, Wadena Drugs in Wadena and Foam Lake Pharmacy in Foam Lake.

  • Recreation 59

    There is lots to do here.

    We have golf courses, swimming pools, skating, hockey, curling, lakes and camping.

    We have business that sell boats, ATVs, snowmobiles.

    We have concerts and theatre, museums and libraries.

    Our featured business is Reel Marine in Foam Lake.

  • Shopping 26

    Shopping - we have everything you can think of and a few more.

    You can buy clothing, hardware, groceries, crafts, furniture, appliances, flowers, household goods just to name a few.

    Our featured business is Harold's Furniture in Wynyard.

  • Other Businesses 202

    Other Businesses - Just too many.

    All the businesses that didn't fit into the above categories are listed here.

    There are all kinds of businesses here, please scroll down the list, you will be surprised.

    Our featured businesses are Wynyard Travel in Wynyard, Tompkins Funeral Home in Wadena and Insurance Matters in Wadena.

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