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Serving the Quill Lakes since 1996

Quill-Lakes.com is created, maintained and published by McDougall Computer Services of Wynyard, Saskatchewan.

We started this website in 1996 as a way to publish information about our Quill Lakes area to tourists who were coming here for bird watching, fishing or hunting.

We wrote articles about birding and hunting opportunities and about what an interesting area this was.

We built webpages for businesses to promote their products and services to these website visitors.

The internet was new at that time and visitors used our website extensively to find out about our area.

These early websites were very helpful to both the visitors and the businesses and continue to be so.

We also provided free websites for the towns themselves to promote their communtiies and provide tourist information.

Many of the Quill Lakes area's town websites that you see on the internet today grew from the first websites that we built for them for free.

We continue to advance our website with regular updates to the content and to the technology to provide useful information and to allow our businesses to promote their products and services to the world.

You can contact us by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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