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Real Estate

Many of us will want to sell some or all of our property when we retire.
Whether we want to sell farmland, a house , a business or a revenue property, we will require the services of a realtor.
We will also need a realtor again when time comes to buy another house or a condo or a cottage at the lake.

Here are some of the realtors that work in the Quill Lakes area.

Denette Bergquist, Century 21, Wynyard
Centra Realty, Humboldt
Century 21, Humboldt
Flo Christianson, Re/Max, Wadena
Jesse kazakoff, Century 21, Wynyard
Lane Realty, Yorkton
Realty World, Humboldt
Re/Max, Humboldt
Scott Comfort, Re/Max, Wadena
Susanne Byman, Century 21, Wadena
Tony Hoffman, Century 21, Yorkton
Wynyard Realty, Wynyard