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Apartments and Condos

At some point as we age, it may become necessary or more convenient or more economical to rent an apartment or a condo instead of buying a house.
Many of the Quill Lakes towns have regular apartment buildings, condos, senior apartment complexes and smaller houses for rent.
Home care, housekeeping services, meal service and bus service is available in many communities to make living on your own easier.

Here are some of the independant living housing that is available in our towns.

Foam Lake Housing Authority, Foam Lake
Fontaine Villa Apartments, Foam Lake
Maple Grove Apartments, Wynyard
Tiger Lily Lodge, Foam Lake
Quillside Place, Wynyard
Spruce Manor, Wadena
Weneeda Park Lodge, Wadena
Westview Apartments, Wynyard
Westview Duplexes, Wynyard
Wynyard Housing Authority, Wynyard