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Housing Services Overview

There are housing decisions that must be made as we age.

Some people will want to stay in their original home for as long as possible.
Some people may want to find a smaller house or an apartment which is easier to manage or in a location that is closer to services.
Some people may want to go somewhere totally different and start a new life.

We have something for all of these people in the Quill Lakes area, whether you want to stay where you are or you want to stay in the area or you want to move to our area.

Articles about housing -

  • Real Estate
    Some of the realtors that work in the Quill lakes area.
  • Apartments and Condos
    Some of the independant living apartments available in Wadena, Watson, Foam Lake and Wynyard.
  • Care Homes
    A listing of the long term care homes in the area.