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Healthcare Services In Wadena

Here are some of the healthcare services provided in Wadena and area by Saskatchewan Health and by healthcare businesses..

Chamkun Health, Fishing Lake First Nation
Destination Health Therapy Clinic, 78 Main Street North
Dr Guilbault, Optometrist, 433 5th Street NE
Dr Knight, Optometrist, 433 5th Street NE
Dr Martinuk, Chiropractor, West Side Mini Mall, Highway 5 West
Home Care, 433 5th Street NE
Mental Health and Addictions, 433 5th Street NE
Pleasant View Care Home, 433 5th Street NE
Public Health, 433 5th Street NE
PrairieVal Place, 425 6th Street NE
Rainbow Dental Therapy, 230 Main Street North
Shamrock Ambulance Care, 98 1st Street NW
Touchwood Child and Family Services, Fishing Lake First Nation
Wadena Drugs, 66 Main Street
Wadena Hospital, 433 5th Street NE
Wadena Medical Clinic, 533 5th Street NE
Weneeda Park Lodge Housing, 425 6th Street NE