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Senior Moments
Information And Entertainment For People Of A Certain Age

Senior Moments

This website is under construction, please excuse the mess.

This website is intended to provide information and entertainment for people of a certain age, living in the communities surrounding the Quill Lakes of Eastern Saskatchewan, Canada.

When complete, there will be more articles about health services, housing information, local events, a directory of businesses and community groups in the area, pictures and stories about people's holidays and memories, and lots of other interesting stuff.

Some of these articles will be written by professionals or businesses, talking about the services that they can provide to us.

We encourage our readers to write about their experiences and concerns, expecially on the topics of healthcare and housing.

We also encourage our readers to send us stories and pictures about history, their families and their memories.

We hope that we can become a useful resource to all, please come back and visit us again.

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